Pest Control and Prevention Service Agreements

Central Florida has lush vegetation and rich soil, and the abundance of water provides a perfect environment for a wide array of unwanted pests. Infestations can be eradicated when they are discovered, but your home or business may have already suffered serious damage by then. If you are looking to protect your property on a year-round basis, it may be time to consider purchasing an annual service agreement.

Service Agreement Details

Service agreement customers receive regular visits from our trained technicians, who inspect your home and property to identify any recent insect or rodent activity. Active infestations are removed, and preventive pest treatments are applied where necessary.

A service agreement is essentially a contract between the customer and the service provider. The agreement incorporates a variety of provisions including pest identification, length of the agreement, frequency of the service, costs, and the treatments that will be applied. Most maintenance agreements include the following services:

  • Treatment of all accessible interior areas
  • Attic baiting where necessary
  • House perimeter treatment
  • Bait around trees and flower beds where necessary
  • Priority emergency service

Benefits of a Pest Control Service Agreement

For many people in Central Florida, a pest management service agreement is a necessity. Some homes and businesses are located in areas where insect and rodent infestations occur regularly, and the pests are relentless. The most common service agreement benefits include:

  • Convenience: For many people, it is more convenient to have a consistent charge for pest elimination services instead of unpredictable costs based on need. Service agreement appointments are arranged in advance and scheduled at your convenience.
  • Lower Costs: Pest control maintenance helps ensure that new infestations do not emerge. Undetected pest problems can prove costly if the infestation remains hidden and structural damage occurs.
  • Consistency: Once you purchase a service agreement, our technicians inspect your property and take detailed notes. The familiarity we have with your home helps us to identify potential problems more quickly and cost effectively.
  • Constant Pest Coverage: Preventive maintenance helps keep the integrity of the perimeter barrier we establish intact no matter what changes. If you modify your home or alter the landscaping, we will immediately compensate and reapply treatment where necessary.

Service Agreements for Better Pest Management

A preventive pest service agreement can help reduce the chance of an unexpected pest infestation. Call the professionals at J.D Smith to learn why preventive maintenance is better than dealing with an active problem.

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