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It is common for Florida homeowners to encounter pests and insects invading their lawns. No home or business is immune to the possible invasion of unwanted pests and insects. With over 40 years of experience, J.D. Smith is one of the most trusted lawn pest control services in Central Florida. We offer many different outdoor pest control and management service packages that will keep your lawn luscious green and healthy.

Our Services

J.D. Smith specializes in grasses common to Florida areas including Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs. Our monthly lawn spraying services include:
  • Pest Control
  • Lawn Disease Control
  • Lawn Spraying
  • Weed Control
  • Shrubbery Care
Monthly treatments conducted by our trained technicians will keep your lawn thriving even in high heat conditions. Pesticides are used as part of an integrated approach and applied as needed for preventative maintenance. It is all about the experience and knowledge required to properly balance the release of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorous.

Lawn Spraying for Insect Control

At J.D. Smith, we believe in employing a combination of preventative and curative strategies to keep your lawn green and healthy all year round. Sod webworms, chinch bugs, grubs, grass hoppers, and armyworms are common insects that invade Florida turf grasses. These nuisance pests can quickly destroy your lawn if they are not identified and eradicated.
Active infestations often go undetected until substantial damage becomes obvious. To the untrained eye, this type of problem can often be mistaken for other conditions such as disease or water problems. Our technicians have the skill and experience required to expose the true nature of the issue and immediately treat it.

If your turf grass shows signs of browning and thinning in different areas, it should be inspected to determine if insect swarms are present. Our monthly visits are usually sufficient to catch potential problems before they can cause significant damage.

Lawn Spraying for Weed Control

Weeds are unsightly but surprisingly hearty. Florida’s high summer heat and humidity provide the perfect environment for weeds to grow and multiply. Our service techs will identify the specific weed species in your yard and then develop a treatment to kill the visible plants and prevent more weeds from growing. A pre-emergent herbicide applied during the winter months can help control the growth of weeds in your yard.

The Lawn Spraying Treatment Experts

For lawn spraying and outdoor pest management in Clearwater, Florida, and the surrounding cities, call the professionals at J.D. Smith. We use environmentally friendly herbicides to control the insects, weeds, and diseases that diminish the beauty of your lawn.

J.D. Smith Termite & Pest Control

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