When the temperatures change, there are a lot of pests and rodents that will try to move into your Clearwater, Florida, home. Before spring arrives, make sure you’re ready to tackle these three pest concerns. 

Leftover Winter Infestations

Before you focus on spring pests, make sure you don’t have any leftover infestations from the winter. Even when the winter is unseasonably warm, you still run the risk of having infestations of bugs and rodents who found their way into your home when the weather was chilly. Make sure you don’t have rodents in your ventilation system, attic or basement. Sometimes you don’t realize you have pests in your home until the warmer weather brings them out of their hiding spots.

Common Spring Pests

Be on the lookout for the most common spring pests. Ants and termites are common occurrences in the spring and can cause significant damage to your home if it goes untreated. When it gets warmer, ants tend to come out and find new places for food. Make sure you don’t leave food out in your home that could attract these critters. Termites can also cause major issues in the spring, so if you suspect you have any termites in or around your home, call in an exterminator immediately.

Bed Bugs: The Nightmare Houseguest

Many people worry about bed bugs when they stay in hotels, but your home isn’t immune to bed bugs either. Be careful if you stay in a hotel to avoid bringing any nasties back home. Also, be careful if you shop at thrift stores, as bed bugs could be present in your purchases, too. If you do suspect bed bugs, it’s best to call an exterminator, since bed bugs are tough to get rid of on your own. 

If you have concerns about pests in your home, we are here to help. Call our experts at JD Smith Pest Control at 727-483-5797 to get ahead of any potential pest issues this coming spring. 

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