With winter just around the corner, you may think you’re safe from pests invading your home. Think again. Insects, rodents, and other critters start to seek shelter once the seasons change, but what if you live in a warmer climate like Florida? Do you still need to worry? Consider the following:

1. Florida Lacks Cold Weather Die-Off

While much of the country sees many insects die off during frigid winter months, Florida lacks this phenomenon because winters are mild. Even in areas where pests can withstand the cold, most end up finding shelter and hibernating until spring, giving homeowners a reprieve from winter pests. Florida homeowners, however, enjoy no such luxuries. The same insects that have bugged you all summer long are probably still hanging around, prepared to be a nuisance until spring. If you haven’t already scheduled a professional pest control service to spray your lawn, now is the time to do it.

2. Pests Living Inside Your Walls Aren’t Affected by Seasonal Changes

Temperatures in Clearwater remain pretty steady throughout the year, but winters are dry compared to the wet, humid summers. This may mean a reduction in mosquitos and other insects that thrive on summertime moisture, but what about termites and other indoor pests? The truth is, cockroaches, earwigs, carpenter ants, spiders, and termites can take up residence inside your home and live there happily all year long. Keep an eye out for termite damage and other indications that your walls or attic space may be harboring these nasty visitors.

3. Lack of Home Winterization

In most parts of the country, severe winters force homeowners to check every draft and crack, boosting insulation and sealing the house up tight for winter. In Florida, these issues may not be as apparent, making it easier for rodents, insects, and other pests to make their way in the house. That’s why it’s important to inspect your home each year for subtle entry points around windows, doors, and foundations.

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