As a homeowner, you work hard on your lawn throughout the year to make it look lush, green, and picturesque. However, in and underneath your grass lurks an adversary that wants to destroy your yard. In the summer, these grass-destroying pests aim to turn your yard into a brown, barren wasteland. It’s up to you to stop them. If you aren’t sure what bugs pose the biggest threat to the lawn of your Clearwater, Florida, home, get to know some of these nuisances.

White Grubs

White grubs are the horrendous-looking, worm-like creatures that destroy your lawn from underneath. Depending on the type of grub, these larvae can stay in a hibernation state for up to three years before they hatch. Once they do, you’re at serious risk of losing your yard. As the grubs grow, they eat grass-roots for sustenance, killing the plant in the process. In these areas, you’ll find your grass turning brown, and you can pull up the grass like carpet. To combat this, use a granulated lawn grub killer, or if the situation is already out of hand, hire a professional.

Chinch Bugs

If you have St. Augustine grass, take note. The chinch bug is your sworn enemy. For reasons unknown, the chinch bug gravitates toward this particular type of grass, although it isn’t picky. To combat the threat, watch for chinch bugs crawling through your lawn. They’re easy to identify, and once you spot them, eradicate them by using a liquid or granulated lawn insect killer. Hopefully, that will deal with the problem.


Although earthworms help aerate your soil and are beneficial to a healthy lawn, cutworms are the polar opposite. The larvae of moths, cutworms chew through grass quickly, and before you know it, you’ll see brown spots all over the yard. To make matters worse, identification of cutworms is difficult due to their nocturnal nature.

Don’t let these lawn-destroying pests give you the summertime blues. Fight the problem before it starts by calling the bug control experts at JD Smith at 727-483-5797.

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