Snakes, as slimy and menacing as they look, don’t always present a health risk when they slither through your garden or find an entrance to your home. However, you probably don’t want to stumble upon one while you’re weeding the flower beds, or worse, find you’re sharing a bed with one at night. Follow these tips to protect your Tarpon Springs, Florida, home against snakes.

Seal Holes and Gaps

Even large snakes can squeeze through tight spaces, so don’t roll out the red carpet and invite them inside. Seal any holes or cracks that might exist around your doors, windows, walls, or foundation. If you have an attic, seal the hatch as well to deny snakes entry.

Weatherstripping can prove effective for this purpose. It closes gaps between your doors and windows and their jambs, which can keep out other unwanted tenants, from spiders and ants to rodents and mosquitoes. Use a flashlight to pinpoint smaller cracks as you tour the outside and inside of your home.

Get Your Home Inspected

Tarpon Springs offers the perfect habitat for snakes, so you might need professional help to keep them at bay. Consider signing our service agreement, which guarantees that our technicians will visit your home and inspect for pest problems, including snakes. A service agreement can also save you money on inspections as well as remedies, such as treatments and traps.

Tame Your Landscaping

Snakes can’t regulate their own body temperatures, so they seek cool, dark places to relax during hot Tarpon Springs summers. Overgrown grass, flowers, shrubs, and weeds invite snakes to take advantage of the shade and concealment. To combat the problem, keep your landscaping as neat and trimmed as possible.

Don’t Trust Gimmicks

You’ll find commercial snake repellents by the dozen, but no scientific evidence exists to prove they work. Instead, rely on seasoned professionals to detect and remedy snake infestations.

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