Pests come with the territory in Florida, but that doesn’t mean you have to invite them inside. Learn how to deal with four common entry points to keep your Clearwater home pest-free. Here are some of the most common pest entry points that homeowners should know about.

1. Windows and Door Frames

Your windows and doors don’t have to be wide open in order to let pests inside. Small pests like insects and bugs can actually sneak into your home through even small openings around your window or under your door.

Make sure that your window frames don’t have any gaps and that all windows close tightly at the base. Ensure that all doors shut out the outside completely, and install new door sweeps if necessary to create a complete seal.

2. Wall Gaps

Insects can enter your home through tiny openings like gaps, cracks, and small holes in the wall. As exterior walls and foundations settle and crack over time, these can become easy entry points for pests.

Gaps and cracks are inevitable, but you can stop pests in their tracks by identifying these problem areas and sealing them as you go. Also make sure that landscaping and other plant material like mulch don’t directly touch the exterior walls, providing insects with an easy pathway into your home.

3. Exhaust Fans

Dryer vents and exhaust fans are some of the most common places for larger pests like mice and rodents to enter your home. Make sure any exterior vents and exhaust areas are secure by protecting them with a cover or a screen.

Since covers can get damaged over time, check them regularly to confirm they’re intact. If you suspect a rodent infestation, don’t hesitate to contact a pest control technician for assistance.

4. Pipes and Conduits

Most homes have a number of pipes and television cables entering from the outdoors. Inadequate seals around these pipes and cables create easy entry points for both small and large pests. Address this problem and keep pests out by resealing the holes with a weatherproof silicone sealant.

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