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For over four decades, J.D. Smith has provided customers in Central Florida with comprehensive pest control services. Regular pest control treatment by a home pest control expert is the first line of defense against a destructive infestation. We are a certified pest control company experienced in protecting homeowners against rodents, termites, bugs, insects and other nuisance pests.

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The Pest Inspection Process

Every successful pest treatment program begins with a thorough inspection of the interior and exterior of your home. Our trained technicians locate active infestations and identify areas of concern that may provide opportunities for entry. We pay particular attention to windows, doorways, eaves, sill plates and other structural features. Since our experts know which pests are indigenous to Florida, we look for specific conditions that would encourage them to colonize in or around your home. After inspection, we provide specific recommendations you can take to discourage pests from invading property. This includes: Eliminating areas with excessive moisture Cleaning areas where debris has accumulated Moving firewood away from structures Sealing cracks and penetrations in the exterior of your home.

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